CEN Guayaquil, Ecuador

The slides from my talk of 24 September at CEN, Guayaquil on “Soup or salad – informed eclecticism in the mixed-ability classroom” are available here in pdf format.

Many thanks to all those who attended and made the event – and the three-day OTA course at CEN which preceded it – such a success. Special thanks to Eduardo Icaza and Hilda Flor at CEN, Steve Tomkins and Maria Sol Guzman at Books and Bits, and OUP.

2 thoughts on “CEN Guayaquil, Ecuador

  1. JC

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, tips, and expertise in teaching and dealing with mixed-ability classrooms. I really appreciate the fact that you are a teacher who believe in teaching with freedom, I mean by that, you are not tied up to one method, materials, or a book, which is quite common nowadays since we have to follow standards without realizing that human beings are not standarized.

    Thanks again for your sharing and presentation.

    1. Edmund Dudley Post author

      Hi JC
      Thanks for your comment – I appreciate that. I’m glad that you enjoyed the seminar. Lots of teachers are in your position, and it’s tough. Keep at it! 🙂


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