Slides from my talks in Lithuania are available below in pdf format.

21st Century Skills in the Classroom
This session will focus on the most celebrated aspect of 21st Century Skills: the four learning skills. We will look at the so-called ‘4Cs’ and consider ways that they can be promoted in the classroom in appealing, relevant and motivating ways, both as extension activities based on coursebook materials and as free-standing classroom tasks.

Using images, pictures and photographs
In this session we will look at simple yet innovative ways in which we can use visual materials to provide opportunities for language practice and communication. There will be ideas for getting the most out of the pictures in coursebooks, as well as ideas for using art, drawings, pictures and students’ own mobile-phone photos.

One thought on “Lithuania

  1. Agne

    Thank you for the seminar. It’s always such great pleasure to listen to you! I get a couple of new ideas for my lessons every single time. Looking forward to hearing you in Klaipeda again.



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