21st Century Skills – an Oxford Conference, Budapest

Copies of my slides are available in pdf format below.

Plenary talk:
My Four C’s
‘Twenty-first century skills’ is a broad term encompassing life skills, literacy skills and learning skills. As teachers, we are most concerned (but not exclusively concerned) with the third aspect: learning skills. You have probably already heard of the so-called Four Cs – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity – and are probably interested in finding out ways to kindle them in your students. This talk is not going to focus on those Four Cs. Bocs. Instead, I would like to consider the role of the teacher in all this. What skills and qualities do we need to bring to the classroom? To help discover some of the answers to this question, I’ll be sharing my own ‘Four Cs’ for effective teaching in a twenty-first century context.

Better Together
This talk will look at strategies and techniques for promoting collaboration and co-operation in the classroom. We’ll think about the benefits of pair work and small-group work, and explore some practical ideas for creating a motivating and inclusive learning environment for all.

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