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demo lesson

In Ukraine I had the chance to teach some demo lessons using OUP’s ‘insight’ as well as offering a seminar for teachers of English on the subject of Working with Mixed groups. I really enjoyed the demo lessons: the students in Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil and Kharkiv were all brilliant to work with. Thanks to them and their teachers 🙂

The slides from the seminar on Working with Mixed Groups are available here.

Latvia slides

Thanks to the teachers who attended the OUP Day in Riga. As promised, the slides are available for download below in pdf format.

My Students Hate Writing – Help!
In this session we will consider the reasons why many teenagers dislike writing in English and attempt to identify those aspects of writing skills with which teenagers tend to experience the most difficulties. Then we will consider a range of simple and practical classroom activities which can help to equip students with the skills and strategies they need to succeed with writing.
My students hate writing

Working with Mixed Groups
In this session we look at the challenges presented by mixed groups and consider some techniques that teachers can use to make classroom activities better tailored to individual needs while maintaining – or perhaps even enriching – the group dynamic. The session aims to offer both a selection of effective and practical classroom ideas for the mixed-ability classroom as well as tips for adapting materials to make them more suitable for heterogeneous groups.
Working with mixed groups