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Using Literature to Teach Language

Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar in Bellinzona, Switzerland last week. I really enjoyed the day and hope that the sessions managed to combine ‘food for thought’ with practical ideas to try out in the classroom. As promised, I am uploading the materials again here.

It would be great to hear how the ideas we discussed work in your own classrooms, so do get in touch and let me know all about it!


Session 1
Session 1 Handout
Session 2
Session 2 Handout

Swiss slides in pdf format

Thanks for your continuing interest in the talks I gave in Switzerland.

Take a look at the slides for Friday’s talk in ZĂĽrich in pdf format.

Same goes for Saturday’s talk in Bern.

The two talks were simmerent – which is a word that I have just invented. I guess it means pretty-similar-in-parts-without-being-exactly-the-same. Wonder if it will catch on? Maybe diffilar sounds better?

Swiss talks handout

Hello, Swiss teachers! 🙂

I really enjoyed meeting you at the Oxford Gymnasium Event in Zurich…


2013-05-23 14.49.35…and at the Oxford Teachers’ Day in Bern.

I’ve decided to make one handout covering both talks, seeing as there was a fair bit of overlap. Feel free to get in touch if there is anything which is not clear.

Thanks again for your participation, contributions and feedback.


Oxford Primary Event, ZĂĽrich

I was in ZĂĽrich on June 2  for an OUP Primary event. Great to be back in Switzerland after last year’s trip to Lucerne, but a pity that it was such a short visit – I was in the country for less than 24 hours, so saw more of ZĂĽrich airport than I did of the city itself.

With Jayne Herzog, Jennifer Hinam and Graham Workman

I did two sessions, ‘Teaching and learning with a smile’ showcasing the 2nd edition of the Happy series, and another session on ‘Motivating young learners with Super Surprise’.

ZĂĽrich primary teachers

As promised, the slides from both sessions are available here in pdf format.

Teaching and learning with a smile

Motivating young learners with Super Surprise

Thanks to all the teachers who took part, and to Jayne Herzog and Jennifer Hinam for organising the event so well.