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Teaching Teenagers – Challenge Accepted!

In the second week of the English Language Teachers’ Summer Seminar at Exeter College Oxford we looked at some of the challenges involved in teaching teenagers. Thanks to the fantastic teachers from all over the world – your stories, ideas and enthusiasm made the course extremely enjoyable and, I hope, useful. Thanks also to Roksana for the reminder to upload the slides 🙂

If you would like an e-copy of the handouts for this course, just get in touch.

Webinar – Good to go: Engaging one-off lessons with teenagers

Thanks to those who took part in this webinar. Being called on at short notice to go in and cover for a colleague is one of the “known unknowns” of teaching – we know it is bound to happen at some point, but it always manages to take us by surprise. It was enjoyable for me to have this opportunity to share some of the ideas for coping with these situations that I have managed to scrape together over the years.

Here is a link to a recording of the webinar for those that missed it.