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Netherlands handouts

Greetings to all the teachers attending the OUP events in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Tilburg and Rotterdam.

The handout for my first session on ‘Study skills and critical thinking’ is available here.

The handout for my second session on ‘Bringing lessons to life’ is available here. No here. I mean here.

It’s been a fun tour.
2013-11-04 11.53.40


Mid-April saw a mad dash to Holland for an OUP Primary Day in Utrecht. It was my first visit to the Netherlands, and the first primary session I have done since Switzerland last year, but any nerves I might have had soon disappeared when I met the teachers, who were brilliantly enthusiastic and more than happy to get involved in the sessions, which were about stories in the classroom and songs and chants, with a focus on the Happy series.

Happy memories from the land where the bicycle is the boss!